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WEF Report: Partnership Against Cybercrime 2020

25 November 2020 | ITHQ Tech Team

Jürgen Stock, Secretary-General INTERPOL: "Of all the types of crime, cybercrime continues to increase at the fastest rate." Get the full report here, with insights from senior figures at Fortinet, Microsoft, Cyber Threat Alliance USA and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Following the 2016 work on Recommendations for Public-Private Partnership against Cybercrime, the World Economic Forum’s Partnership against Cybercrime initiative was launched in January 2020.

This partnership explores ways to amplify public-private collaboration in cybercrime investigations and initiate a paradigm shift in the way to collectively deal with the growing impact of cybercrime.

Currently, there are gaps in how cybersecurity is dealt with between countries, organisations and sectors. This report presents a framework by which these gaps could be closed.


Contributors and co-operation

More than 50 representatives from leading public and private organisations were included in the Partneship against Cybercrime Working Group for this initiative.

The idea that collaboration through international dialogue, shared principles and a framework for action-driven co-operation was outlined already in the 2016 publication, Recommendations for Public-Private Partnership against Cybercrime.

This latest report builds further on this rationale, addressing six clear principles around shared narrative, strategic alignment, trust-building behaviours, systemisation, participation and the mutual respect of concerns and challenges.

These principles are designed to be applied across the global community on a regional, national or local level, enabling effective co-operation between law enforcement agencies and stakeholders.



The aim of the Partnership against Cybercrime Working Group is to continue to prepare the implementation of these concepts and widen the scope of the iniative's efforts.

Leading companies and law enforcement agencies are invited to pledge their continued commitment and support to the effort to facilitate co-operation in the fight against cybercrime.

Download the report for full details


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