Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Using Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure to gain economic advantage

10 March 2021 | ITHQ writer

A successful cloud strategy delivers higher business value in all phases of your IT operations, across cloud, hybrid and multicloud. If you're looking at hyperconverged infrastructure as an option, you're going to want to see these reports.


Save. Invest. Innovate. Gain economic edge.

Digital transformation accelerated years in a matter of months in 2020, driven by needs arising from sudden, enforced remote working.

It highlighted the need for datacentre modernisation for a great many businesses, which inspired the question: which cloud option is right for us?

Hyperconverged infrastructure is on most short lists because is simplifies datacentre management as it provides a scalable platform for business growth. Additionally, as these reports and case studies show, it drives significant financial and productivity benefits too.


477% ROI, according to IDC

This is the third study conducted by IDC into Nutanix, following earlier research into the value of the platform in 2015 and 2017. This latest white paper researched organisations running a variety of business applications on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

IDC confirmed the platform's continued strong value proposition through much-improved IT agility and performance to support employees and business operations, and limit operational risk, while driving lower infrastrucuture costs and more efficient teams. Results include:

  • 477% five-year ROI
  • 62% reduction in five-year cost of operations
  • $13.44m in average annual benefits per organization
  • 9 months to payback
  • 82% more efficient to deploy, manage, and support
  • 85% reduction in unplanned downtime

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HCI vs three-tiered architecture: End-user and bottom line benefits

Forrester concluded, during their Total Economic Impact report on end-user computing, that Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure delivers huge improvements in both user experience and significant benefits in ROI, cost savings and productivity lift. Get the full report here to learn how Forrester determined Nutanix benefits, including:

  • 164% ROI
  • $13 million NPV
  • $21 million PV
  • Less than 6 months to payback
  • 362,000 end-user hours saved over three years
  • 30% productivity lift to the organisation


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See how businesses around the world use Nutanix for economic benefit

Want to see some real-world Nutanix scenarios? This eBook is a collection of stories from IT leaders at businesses in multiple locations and sectors. Hear their success stories directly from them.

In addition to these global brands achieving excellent NPS and CSAT scores in both internal and external reviews, learn how:

  • Ports of America now have the ability to rapidly resolve issues and avoid    significant delays to business processes
  • IGT achieved unrivaled competitive edge
  • Science Museum Group can now focus on their vision of sharing science and technology with the world


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Save up to 91% in operational costs, according to ESG's economic evaluation of Nutanix

Not only can you substantially reduce your operational costs with HCI, but you can also achieve ten times productivity gains. One customer stated: "It used to take 2 - 4 hours to launch a new server and now it takes 10 - 15 minutes with Nutanix automation tools."

ESG found time savings were made in all areas of application deployment: planning and optimisation, monitoring and reporting, patching and updating, and deployment or troubleshooting.


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Got questions about how HCI simplifies infrastructure management?

If you're new to HCI, you're going to have some questions. Check out this eBook of the most common questions asked.


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